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Andrea Varazzani

Sun, sea, breeze. Conviviality, social relationships, warmth, folklore… This is the Neapolitan aura that I was leaving. Fog, plain, stuffiness. Privacy, closure, coldness sometimes… This is the Po Valley aura that I was expecting.

…But then…

beyond all the stereotypes and clichés, what did I find to greet me?

La città della MUSICA, the world capital of violins and lute makers, the cradle of violin making traditions was declared an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco in 2012.

The traditional violin craftsmanship in Cremona and our passion for excellence resonate between the walls of Andrea Varazzani’s workshop, where the noise of gouges, scrapers, rasps, chisels, planes, the colors of the wood, the scents of fresh paint blend together in a wonderful synthesis and so, passion, dedication and cure give shape to the shapeless.
Such skill, hard work, meticulousness, virtuosity, become Andrea Varazzani’s hand-craft, inspiring and paying homage to the refined art of sounds. Music is like a phoenix, which lightly and boldly raises its flight and with the wings momentum pleases gods and men. This same art makes us feel an emotional short joy that rises and sinks…


“Antonio Stradivari” International Triennial Bowed Instrument Competition.


“Antonio Stradivari” International Triennial Bowed Instrument Competition.


Bronze medal at the 2nd National Violin Making Competition “Città di Pisogne”.


“Antonio Stradivari” International Triennial Bowed Instrument Competition.


Shop opening in Sesto Cremonese a few km from Cremona.


Graduation at the “Antonio Stradivari” violin making school in Cremona.


Transfer to Sesto Cremonese.


Born in Naples.

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