Inspired by

Violin mod. Guarneri del Gesù “Paganini’s Cannon”


My interpretation of the famous “Cannone” by Guarneri del Gesù.
Its shapes, studied and worked by Guarneri, reach the present day, completing the Cremonese style now famous all over the world.
With the original designs and together with the use of precious woods, it is possible to build a rich and powerful sound, worthy of his nickname, given to him by Niccolò Paganini and which I confirm with absolute pride.
The paint, through a study of the original instrument, manages to bring the instrument through the barriers of time, creating at the same point a modern and original identity.
Wielding this violin gives the musician a wide range of emotions, which will be bestowed on an audience eager for style and energy.

Data sheet
  • 355 mm
  • 168 mm
  • 114 mm
  • 207 mm
  • Spruce, Maple, Ebony
  • 2022
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